The Campaign for Cal Poly Pomona

Cal Poly Pomona is wrapping up its $150 million comprehensive fundraising campaign to ensure that a quality college education is within reach for future
generations of students. The campaign will strengthen the university’s ability to provide a hands-on education, to prepare students for the changing demands of the workplace, and to increase research and scholarship opportunities. The fundraising campaign relies on the support of the entire
community, from alumni and parents to employees and community partners. For more information, call (909) 869-4997, email or


CCal Poly Pomona’s comprehensive fundraising campaign publicly launched three years ago with a target of $150 million and is nearing completion. Gifts and pledges surpassed $125 million as of June 30, 2013.

“We’re really pleased with how far we’ve come, especially in a difficult economic climate, but we need to remember that fundraising, like much of life, is a journey and not a race,” says Scott Warrington, vice president for university advancement. “At its core it’s about supporting the university’s mission to provide a top-notch education, but it’s more. It’s about connecting with our alumni and friends in ways that enrich their lives. I can’t tell you how many times I or one of my advancement colleagues have heard a donor share a story about a professor, a staff member or a fellow student who had made a lasting impression.”

Just one example among many is Louis Didier, a 1969 agriculture graduate, who donated $50,000 to support the university’s farming operations.

In the letter outlining his gift, Didier said that every issue of the College of Agriculture’s magazine serves as a reminder of his commitment to honor his family’s farming roots. It also moves him to reflect on the college’s impact on his career and the deep respect he has for longtime agriculture Professor Dan Hostetler.

“Three generations of Didiers attended Cal Poly Pomona and SLO, and we all feel a deep attachment to the school,” he says. “The farm on campus provided employment to me for the three years I attended classes and helped finance my education.”

The comprehensive campaign has been built on Cal Poly Pomona’s bedrock reputation for academic excellence. Perhaps the quintessential example is the gift that established the Zierman Family Engineering Excellence Endowed Scholarship. The Ziermans’ close friend Penny Myers, who handled their estate, knew that they wanted to make a legacy gift to an excellent engineering program. Though they had provided no guidance, Ms. Myers thought immediately of Cal Poly Pomona.

Many gifts to the university come from those who might know it best: those who work here. This year, the Annual Fund has launched a faculty and staff campaign to cultivate support within the campus community.

“What we found early on was that many did not need encouragement — they have been giving for years,” Warrington says.

Among them: two custodians who have long donated $5 per month via payroll deduction for scholarships; a systems analyst who gives to the department where he earned his degree; an associate vice president who made a substantial pledge to honor her mother; the coordinator of a student organization, an assistant coach, an athletics trainer and a counselor, all who all believe in advancing the university.

“What better time to visit Cal Poly Pomona than during our 75th anniversary,” Warrington says. “Come see how we have been stewards of your support. It’s a place we all believe in.”

Pie Graph of Campaign Commitments by Source

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