Industry Field Study

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Every year students have the opportunity to spend a few weeks of June visiting major international centers of the fashion industry as part of an elective class, AMM Field Study.  The class is a great opportunity to experience the international nature of the fashion business ‘up close and personal’ in a condensed format.

Students visit the offices of major design houses, fashion manufacturers, retailers, publishers and trading companies to see and hear their executives in action.  They also take in aspects of local culture with visits to museums, historic places, commercial districts, and shopping centers.  In addition, they have chance to sample the cuisine, the scenery, the ambience and the lifestyle.

In past years trips have either gone to New York or to Europe, including London, Paris, Milan, Rome and Florence.  The first AMM Field Study trip to Asia is planned for June 2012, to include Hong Kong, Shanghai and Beijing.

AMM students really appreciate all the scholarship monies AMM has to offer in support of activities such as this.  See our list of recent donors.

man demonstrating an industrial fabric cutting machine