Industry Advisory Board

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AMM Advisory Board meeting

The AMM Industry Advisory Board is comprised of leaders from a cross section of employers in the apparel and textile industry, including apparel manufacturers, fashion retailers, software companies, equipment manufacturers, textile producers, financial companies, and business consulting firms. They meet twice a year with the faculty and the college leadership to discuss development of the AMM department and program.

AMM Advisory Board meetings include discussions on how changes in the apparel business will impact development of the AMM curriculum. The AMM Industry Advisory Board contributes to the program in many additional ways. Board members have assisted the program with acquisition of new equipment, software, and class materials. Board member companies also provide speakers, field trip sites, internships, and they sponsor competitions. This support enriches the learning experience for students in the AMM program.

Advisory Board members visit the Apparel Production lab

Advisory Board members visit the Apparel Production lab to see new equipment donated by St. John Knits in action.

Here is a list of some of our recent Advisory Board members:

The AMM Advisory Board members have contributed their time, expertise, and various resources for the benefit of the AMM program.  As an industry executive interested in higher education, would you be willing to donate your time to serve on the AMM Industry Advisory Board?  If so, please contact the AMM Department Chair, Dr. Peter Kilduff, at