AMM Events and Fundraisers - We'd love to see you

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Current and prospective students really like hearing what AMM alumni and industry executives have to say.  Would you consider participating in one or more of the following events in the AMM program?

Fall Quarter

Annual Fundraiser – the last Sunday of September
Join us for a fun networking and fundraising event for AMM

Winter Quarter

Focus Days and Open House – the first Friday and Saturday of March
For applicants to AMM, come learn about the AMM program.

Spring Quarter

Professor for a Day – 7th Thursday of Spring Quarter (each May )
Come be a speaker for this special day.

AMM Annual Banquet – May 16, 2013
Come celebrate the year's accomplishments.


  • Industry speakers
  • Internship site
  • Part-time or full-time employment announcements

Please contact the AMM Department Chair, Dr. Peter Kilduff, at or 909-869-2082 for further details.