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Physics 499 is a GRE prep class




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Winter Quarter, 2014

  • Welcome to the Web page for PHY 499 - GRE Prep Class
  • Course Description

    Physics 499 - GRE Prep Class is a class designed to help you study for the Physics GRE. The course is primarily a vehicle to facilitate your own studying, and the 2 hours a week you spend in class are simply a time to get feedback on that studying, study together, and get a few test-taking tips. The majority of the work of this course will take place outside of class. You should plan on spending 12-15 hours/week studying for the GRE if you hope to do well.

  • Course Information

    Instructor: Alex Rudolph
    Office: 8-220
    Phone #: 909-869-4180
    Office Hours: MW 10:00-11:00.  Other hours can be made by appointment.

  • Suggested Study Materials:

GRE Physics Test Practice Book (available at
GRE Practicing to take the Physics Test, 3rd Ed (published by ETS, 1997 and unfortunately out of print
For intro material: Serway & Jewett, Halliday and Resnick, or Knight
Pocket Guide to Physics (Lind, Physics Lite)
Student Pocket Companion to Physics (Das)
For modern physics: Krane or Ohanian

  • Handouts:

GRE Exam Tips (courtesy of Dr. Michael Dubson, CU, Boulder)
Physics Numbers (courtesy of Dr. Michael Dubson, CU, Boulder)
Physics on Speed (courtesy of Dr. Mary Mogge, CPP)
Special Relativity Review (courtesy of Dr. Michael Dubson, CU, Boulder)
Sample Problems 1 (courtesy of Dr. Michael Dubson, CU, Boulder)
Sample Problems 2 (courtesy of Dr. Michael Dubson, CU, Boulder)


College of Science Emergency Procedures
All students are responsible for being aware of these Emergency Procedures.
Please take the time to familiarize yourself with them.

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