2010-2011 Bronco Institute of Rocket Development

Team Rocket:

BIRD’s main goal of the 2010-2011 year is to secure funding for a large rocket that will achieve a minimum altitude of three miles. Once it reaches apogee it will deploy a payload of atmospheric sensors that will take readings upon its descent. The current standing of this project is we are applying for grants to secure funding. Tentatively if we can secure a grant the rocket design and development will begin around week three of winter quarter 2011. A current mockup of the rocket is provided in the pictures. Further information will be available on the standing of this project in winter during the first general meeting of AIAA.

Individual Rockets:

The individual part of BIRD will be similar to what you did or will be doing in ARO 102 except this time you get to choose your rocket. The two current models we’ve chosen are the Corona-2 and the Deuces Wild. The Corona-2 is a two stage rocket and the Deuces Wild is a canted motor rocket. These two were chosen because they could be launched at Cal Poly. If there was any other ones you would be interested in let us know. Larger rockets could also be chosen but we would have to go to an external launch site. This will begin in winter quarter with an expected launch time sometime around week six. We will try to launch with the ARO 102 classes if possible. All of the details will be filled in during the first AIAA general meeting in winter.

Level 1/2 certification:

If you’re really interested in rocketry and want to step it up to some medium sized rockets you can get your L1 and L2 certifications through BIRD. We currently have a few projected rockets you could use for this so let us know if you are interested.

Simulation programs:

In addition to the hands on portion we are willing to teach you any rocketry programs you want to learn. Current ones we can teach are Rocksim, STK, SpaceCad, RASAeroSolidworks or Solidworks. We would be willing to hold a workshop just fill us in on what you want to know and we will set it up.

Contact: BirdCPP@gmail.com


Current Members:

Brandon Demski (Project Leader); BADemski@csupomona.edu

Thomas Moore (Chief Engineer);  tmoore@csupomona.edu



National Association of Rocketry - http://www.nar.org

Tripoli Rocketry Association - http://www.tripoli.org

Public Missiles Limited - http://www.publicmissiles.com




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