2010-2011 AUVSI

     AUVSI SUAS Competition is a student team that performs an Unmanned Aerial Surveillance mission. The aircraft has to takeoff and fly autonomously from waypoint to waypoint. During the waypoint navigation, the aircraft will pass over targets of interest. Then the aircraft has to take a picture of the target and feed it to a ground station in real time. The team has 40 minutes to complete the mission.


     If you are interested in any of the following areas, I suggest that you contact Matthew Rose (merose@csupomona.edu) or Dr. Bhandari (sbhandari@csupomona.edu) about the team:

-          UAVs

-          Autopilots

-          Robotics

-          Cameras

-          Coding


Joining the team will build your resume as well as your networking skills. The team is similar to a team you will see in industry. Consisting of aerospace engineers, electrical engineers and computer scientists


If you are interested check out the following website

Here is a video of our test flight in 2010 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=seXp9cMRGBE&feature=related









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