Cal Poly Pomona

Why this Major

Teaching Agriculture

Agriculture teachers work in a student- centered environment that allows them to take a hands on approach in making learning fun and meaningful to students.

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Subjects Taught:

  • Career and Technical Training
  • College Preparation
  • Applied Science and Technology
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Business, Accounting, and Finance
  • Leadership and Public Speaking
  • Service Learning

Why Teach Agricultural Education?

High in Demand

There is is a need for agriculture teachers in California and other parts of the US. There were 13 offers made to each credential student this past year.

Competitive Salary

Agriculture teachers beginning salary is averaged $48,254.

Teach a Variety of Subjects

Subjects taught vary from day to day keeping the job exciting. Agriculture teachers teach business and industry, science labs, land labs, apprenticeships, farm and garden, and more!

Multiple Career Options

Agriculture science graduates have the opportunity to work in high school and community college agriculture programs or can continue to graduate studies in education, school administration, or agriculture.

Community Involvement

Agriculture programs work in the community providing valuable, hands-on learning experiences to the students and benefit the community in which they live in.