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Student Life

Make the most of your college experience. Why get involved

It’s all about resume building

What do employers want to see on resumes from new graduates? Indicators of initiative, responsibility, leadership and team building skills. Participation in clubs and organizations is the most effective way to help distinguish your resume from your competition. Check out all the clubs for your major and get involved.
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Department Info

Your department will help you find an advisor, scholarships, classes and much more! →

College-Level Organizations

A group of students
There are additional opportunities for involvement at the college level. Find out more about Ag Ambassadors, Peer Advisors and Ag Council.

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Events and Activities → Farmers gathering pumpkins before Pumpkin Festival

Participate in exciting events sponsored by the College of Agriculture

What’s Happening at the University

Two students with Billy Bronco

From getting free food and gear at sports games with Billy Bronco, free admission to concerts, and fun games and giveaways at Midnight Madness, Cal Poly is very active in our involvement on campus.

There are additional opportunities for involvement and fun at the university level
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Advising Help →

All students should seek advising from their advisor

Scholarships and Awards →

The College of Agriculture offers a variety of scholarships and awards

Student Employment →

Work on campus as a student assistant

Cal Poly Pomona offers over 2,000 student assistant positions from an orientation leader and resident advisor to a lab technician. Student assitants are offered flexible schedules and job experience for their future career.