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AGREES Peer Advisors

AGREES Peer Advisors

About This Club

The AGREES Peer Advisor program is a unique leadership experience for students in the College of Agriculture.  It provides students the opportunity to participate in the College’s retention and first year experience efforts.  Those students selected to serve gain valuable experience working in a team environment, interacting with students and faculty, and developing leadership and career skills.

The primary duty of an AGREES Peer Advisor is to be a resource for incoming new students, both freshmen and transfer students.  This is accomplished by serving as a teaching assistant in the freshmen AG 100 classes, conducting Transfer Roundtables, and holding office hours in the AGREES Center.  In addition, Peer Advisors participate in a variety of other college and university activities, including orientation, Bronco Fusion, Club Fair & Ice Cream Social, Pumpkin Festival, and Open House.  The Peer Advisors also look for new ways to contribute to student life in the college and in 2009, began publishing the College of Agriculture’s Student Handbook and Planner.

The AGREES Peer Advisors are a chartered organization with the University and as such, elect an officer team, participate in the College of Agriculture's student government, Ag Council, and conduct fundraising activities.

Students interested in becoming a Peer Advisor must participate in the annual selection process. Applications are accepted in January each year. Qualified applicants then participate in a selection workshop and an individual interview during the month of February. Peer Advisors are announced in March and training begins in spring quarter. Peer Advisors serve a one year term beginning with summer quarter and continuing through the following spring quarter.

2013 - 2014 Officers & More

President: Brenna O’Sullivan
Vice President: Jessica Barragan
Secretary: Sofia Pardave
Treasurer: Taylor Gann
Publicity: Nellie Anderson
Ag Council Rep: Jenn Cotton
Social Chair: Kaylee Otterson
Historian: Ana Otterson
Planner Chair: Betsy Fryan
Advisor: Rhonda Ostrowski
Club Email:
Club website:
Meeting date/time/location: Every Thursday/12:00 p.m./2-125
Club majors: All agriculture majors
Number of members in 2010-11: 7
Club Events & Activities: Orientation, Open House, COA Planners
General Information: Students interacting with faculty and freshmen to increase retention as well as gain leadership and career skills.
History of Club: Established in 2004-2005.
Club Goals: To be a resource for incoming new students, both freshmen and transfers.

Meet Our Peer Advisors

Nellie Anderson Nellie Anderson

Major : Animal Science

Year in School : Third

Age : 20

College Activities : In the past I was part of the IHSA riding team, and currently I am taking part in research at the Arabian horse center

Hobbies : Horseback riding (Dressage and Jumping), Volleyball, Soccer, and Reading

Hometown : Saint Helena, CA

High School : Fountain Valley School of Colorado

Work : Assistant to my Dressage Trainer

Career Plans : Equine Veterinarian

Favorite Cal Poly Experience : Traveling to Ohio with the Western IHSA team for Semi-finals

On being a Peer Advisor : I am excited to be a Peer Advisor because I am looking forward to meeting new people. I hope to be a useful source of knowledge for incoming freshman as well as transfer students. I also hope to become more involved with the agriculture department with all of the events that take place. My goals are to improve my ability of speaking to large groups as well as expanding my knowledge of the school. I think that peer advisors are valuable assets to the agriculture department because we are the go to people for new students if they have any questions about the department such as; classes, teachers, activities, helpful services, and clubs.

Jessica Barragan Jessica Barragan

Major : Nutrition Science

Year in School : Fourth

Age : 22

College Activities : FN Forum, Dean's Honor List

Hobbies : I like to eat and cook delicious food, working out, CrossFit, doing outdoor activities, and spending time with friends and family.

Hometown : Riverside, CA

College : Norco College

Work : Full Time Student, Seasonal Lifeguard during summers

Career Plans : I plan on becoming a Registered Dietitian. As an RD I want to specialize in Oncology Nutrition and help individuals who are at risk for, or diagnosed with any malignant conditions. Through better nutrition, I want to help individuals improve their quality of lives.

Favorite Cal Poly Experience : My favorite Cal Poly experience is being a member of the Foods and Nutrition Forum. I have learned valuable information about the steps it takes to becoming and R.D. not just the academic part of it. I love the guest speakers, networking, the friends I have made, of course good food!

On being a Peer Advisor : As a transfer student, I know how overwhelming the transition to a new school can be at first. Being a Peer Advisor, I can help incoming freshman and transfer students make a smooth transition into Cal Poly. I want to provide students with valuable information that I have learned from my experiences so that they be successful at Cal Poly. I am excited for the opportunity to get to work with faculty, staff, meet new faces, and gain new experiences.

Betsy Fryan

Major : Animal Health Science

Year : Second

Age : 20

College Activities : I am part of Cru, a Christian organization on campus and AHSTA, Animal Health Science and Technology Association. I am also part of the National Society of Leadership and Success here at Cal Poly.

Hobbies : I enjoy anything active. I love playing and watching sports, hiking, running, anything that involves being outside and moving around! Traveling to different places and experiencing new cultures is another thing I enjoy. I am also very passionate about animals and enjoy any activity involving animals.

Hometown : Fremont, CA

High School : Washington High School

Career Plan : Upon graduating I hope to get my license as a registered vet technologist. After a few years of working in practice I would love to own my own animal hospital.

Favorite Cal Poly Experience : My favorite Cal Poly experience so far would be living in the dorms my first year. There was always something going on and that is where I met all the best friends I have now!

On being a Peer Advisor : When I was at orientation I had no idea what I was doing or what classes to take. After finding out almost every class I needed was full I was about ready to start crying, feeling very overwhelmed. Right then a peer advisor came up and she helped me to figure out my entire schedule and what felt like the biggest deal in the world suddenly didn't feel so awful. That next fall I learned so much from my peer advisor and really valued having someone who had already been through what I was going through there to help me. I now hope to be that to someone else!

Taylor Gann Taylor Gann

Major : Foods and Nutrition/Nutrition Science

Year in School : Third

Age : 20

College activities : Peer Advising, Dean's Honor List

Hobbies : Singing, dancing, exercising

Hometown : Rancho Cucamonga, CA

High School : Rancho Cucamonga High School

Work : Special Service Associate at Home Depot

Career Plans : Earn my masters in Nutrition Education and become a Certified Diabetes Educator for the state. I would like to also focus my attention on preventive medicine, especially concerning diabetes and obesity.

Favorite Cal Poly Experience : I've really enjoyed all my hands on lab classes for biology, chemistry, and food and nutrition. I've done way too many dissections to count!

On being a Peer Advisor : I plan to encourage freshmen and transfer students to become involved on campus and take pride in CPP. I hope to ease the usual intimidation associated with the first year of college as they get used to the campus. I want to show students that it is beneficial to be outgoing and involved from their very first moments at CPP. Being a peer advisor is extremely important to me because I want to be someone that new students can depend on whether they need advice on classes, teachers, or any other issue.

Brenna O’Sullivan Brenna O’Sullivan

Major : Animal Science, Minor Agribusiness

Year in School : Fourth

Age : 21

College Activities : Bronco Pep Band, Pre-Vet Club, InterHall Council, Suites Council

Hobbies : Reading, writing, exercising, shopping

Hometown : San Ramon, CA

High School : California High School

Work : Attractions Hostess in Disney's California Adventure

Career Plans : I would like to pursue a career in educating people about animal health and agriculture in general, and perhaps work for a pet food company helping to develop and market high quality pet foods.

Favorite Cal Poly Pomona Experience : My favorite Cal Poly Pomona Experience has been making a great group of diverse friends and attending a ton of the events the school has to offer, like the basketball games and Midnight Madness! I always have fun and meet new people!

On being a Peer Advisor : I am excited as a Peer Advisor to welcome in new students to the College of Agriculture and teach them about the wonderful programs Cal Poly has to offer. I hope to help them transition into college life better and encourage them to get involved in the College of Ag, as well as the school as a whole. I think it is important to have someone to talk to and as questions to, and as a Peer Advisor I hope to be that person.

Ana Otterson Ana Otterson

Major : Animal Science

Year : Third

Age : 21

College Activities : Broncettes Dance Team, Pre-Vet Club

Hobbies : Dance, listening to music, reading

Hometown : Temecula, CA

High School : Chaparral High School

Work : Dance instructor

Career Plans : Go to vet school and become a veterinarian

Favorite Cal Poly Experience : Any and all of the hands-on work with the animals

On being a Peer Advisor : I hope to meet a lot of new people in the process of helping new college of ag students.

Kaylee Otterson Kaylee Otterson

Major : Animal Science

Year : Third

Age : 21

College Activities : Pre-Vet club, Broncettes dance team, Livestock Show Team

Hobbies : Dancing, reading, listening to music

Hometown : Temecula, CA

High School : Chaparral High School

Career Plans : I plan to go to vet school to become a veterinarian.

Favorite Cal Poly Experience : Too many! Taking advantage of the clubs and activities on campus is a great way to get involved.

On being a Peer Advisor : I find my role as a peer advisor important because I can make the transition from high school to college a more comfortable and fun one.

Sofia Pardave Sofia Pardave

Major : Foods & Nutrition

Year in School : Fourth

Age : 23

College Activities : Peer Advisor, Foods & Nutrition Forum Club, Phi U, and Dean's List.

Hobbies : Going to the movies, hiking with my dog, going out with friends, cooking, baking, and reading.

Hometown : Glendale, CA

College : Pasadena City College

Work : Full-time student

Career Plans : I plan to attend medical school to pursue a career in dermatology, and hopefully own my own practice.

Favorite Cal Poly Experience : My favorite part of being at Cal Poly Pomona has been being a part of the FN Forum and I'm so glad I joined this club, because I've had access to awesome volunteering experiences, interesting guest speakers, and amazing healthy lunches.

On being a Peer Advisor : I am so excited to be a Peer Advisor for this year because I love helping people in general and as a new student I know sometimes adjusting to the college lifestyle can be overwhelming. As a Peer Advisor, I hope to be a great resource and support system for all my fellow students and I look forward to meeting new students, staff and enriching my own experience here at Cal Poly Pomona.

Selection Process

Peer Advisor 2014-2015 Application Packet (pdf)

All applicants will be required to:

  • submit an application, resume, and two evaluations;
  • participate in the selection workshop and interview, if invited;
  • be enrolled in an academic program within the College of Agriculture;
  • have a grade point average of at least 3.0;
  • have junior or senior standing;
  • be available to commit to the program for one year, June through June;
  • be available 4-5 hours per week during the academic year;
  • complete the Ag Leadership class; and
  • demonstrate excellent oral communication skills, evidence of a positive Cal Poly Pomona experience, an outgoing personality, enthusiastic, and active in college activities.

Note: You must have Adobe Reader to open and view all PDF files with full functionality. To download Adobe Reader, visit


By accepting the position of Peer Advisor, a student agrees to fulfill the following responsibilities:

  • attend the Ag Leadership class during spring quarter, Fridays 3:00-5:00 p.m.;
  • participate in summer orientation;
  • attend the Peer Advisor retreat;
  • attend assigned section of AG 100 fall quarter;
  • staff the AGREES Center;
  • attend Peer Advisor meetings;
  • wear the Peer Advisor polo shirt in class and during office hours;
  • exhibit professional behavior consistent with that of a representative of the College of Agriculture and the University;
  • be enrolled in at least 9 units per quarter; and
  • maintain a 3.0 grade point average.


Peer Advisors receive the following benefits:

  • two units of credit for the Ag Leadership Class;
  • a quarterly stipend of $100 (dependent on funding);
  • priority registration (dependent on approval);
  • a Peer Advisor polo shirt; and
  • use of the AGREES Center.

Program Coordinator

For questions or more information, please contact:

Rhonda Ostrowski
Recruitment and Retention Coordinator
College of Agriculture
(909) 869-3718