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Outstanding Students, Teacher, Advisor and Staff Awards

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2013 Outstanding Awardees

2013 Julian A. McPhee Outstanding Student Scholar

Rachel Broguiere, Apparel Merchandising & Management

Each year the college recognizes the Outstanding Student Scholar with the Julian A. McPhee award. This award is named for the first President of Cal Poly Pomona.

Rachel excelled in her academics as a student in the Apparel Merchandising and Management Department and earned a 3.97 GPA. In addition to her studies in the Apparel Merchandising and Management department, Rachel also studied for a minor in French. She started her education as a homeschooler with her two brothers and sister. As a child she always had a love for clothes and fashion. Last year she participated in the AMM Study Abroad in London 2012 program, completed an internship, a professional market research project and traveled to Rome, Paris and Ireland. Rachel was recently named the Apparel Production Student of the Year by the Apparel Merchandising and Management faculty.

Rachel Broguiere

Rachel Broguiere

2013 John E. Andrews Outstanding Student Leader

Rana Saldano, Foods and Nutrition

Each year the college also honors students who have achieved excellence in the area of leadership. An honorarium and a plaque are awarded for these recognitions. Distinguished alum, John E. Andrews, a graduate of our program in 1994, has generously funded this award for leadership. John was very active in the College and ASI activities.

Rana is a dedicated student and mother. She balances being the mother of two young children, with the challenges of being a full time student and still remains active in the campus community. In class, she is attentive, asks pertinent questions and always completes her work with excellence in a punctual manner. She is a member of the Veteran’s club on campus, as well as having served as the Publicity Chair for the Phi U Honors club. She also volunteers at the Student Health Center and her children’s school.

2013 Outstanding Teacher

Kimberly Miller, Agriculture Science

Dr. Miller is a professor in the Agribusiness & Food Industry Management/Agricultural Science Department. In the two years she has been with us, she has created a very positive impression. Students say that Dr. Miller is an enthusiastic, supportive, knowledgeable instructor. She has an infectious personality that makes all around her smile. She is supportive, encouraging and recognizes her student’s needs. Dr. Miller works hard and provides a quality education, while making learning fun. An honorarium accompanies this award.

Kimberley Miller

Kimberley Miller

2013 Mack H. Kennington Outstanding Advisor

Lisa Kessler, Foods & Nutrition

Dr. Lisa Kessler received numerous letters of nomination from students who are inspired by her advice and guidance. Her students say she is sincere and easy to talk to. Her encouragement and advice have helped students take advantage of unique professional opportunities and advance toward their chosen career paths. To quote one of her students, “She has been an incredible advisor to me, and to her other advisees, I am sure. Without a doubt, she deserves the Mack H. Kennington Advisor of the Year Award of the Year Award for 2012-2013!” An honorarium accompanies this award.

Lisa Kessler

Lisa Kessler

2013 Outstanding Staff – College level

Donna Ha, Human Nutrition & Food Science Department

Donna is the Instructional Support Technician in the Human Nutrition and Food Science Department. Donna plays an integral role in her department, setting up labs, shopping for supplies and maintaining the equipment. She keeps the labs running smoothly and under a very strict budget. The chair of her department describes her as “a dedicated, conscientious and hardworking employee with truly exemplary work ethics and a great desire to serve the students.” An honorarium accompanies this award.

Donna Ha

Donna Ha

Previous Award Recipients

2012 Outstanding Awardees (read 2012 Agricolumn)

Student Scholar: Samantha Hammergren, Animal Health Science and Jessica Moody, Foods and Nutrition
Student Leader: Andy Tuy, Food Science
Teacher: Oscar Chavez, Animal Health Science
Advisor: Nancy Merlino, Ag Business Management
Staff: Kate Smith, Arabian Horse Center

2011 Outstanding Awardees (read 2011 Agricolumn)

Student Scholar: Jeannie Knuchell, Animal Science
Student Leader: Courtney Habegger, Plant Science
Teacher: Frank Yee, Plant Science
Advisor: Muditha Senanayake, Apparel Merchandising & Management
Staff: Sharon Roth, Dean’s Office

2010 Outstanding Awardees (read 2010 Agricolumn)

Student Scholar: Leo Holguin, Animal Health Science
Student Leader: Vihaney Gonzalez, Animal Science & Animal Health science – undergraduate
Student Leader: Jeanette Hand, Foods & Nutrition – graduate
Teacher: Lisa Kessler, Foods & Nutrition
Advisor: Broc Sandelin, Animal Science
Staff: Sherri Reichardt, Animal Health Science – college level
Staff: Rhonda Ostrowski, Recruitment Officer – university level

2009 Outstanding Awardees (read 2009 Agricolumn)

Student Scholar: Amanda Spikerman, Animal Science
Student Leader: Christine Crocker, Foods & Nutrition – undergraduate
Student Leader: Paul Nurre, Plant Science – graduate
Teacher: Douglas Lewis, Foods & Nutrition
Advisor: Fred Roth, Plant Science
Staff: Mike Moran, Plant Science - college
Staff: Penne Fode, Animal and Veterinary Science Department - university