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California Department of Education

Jack Havens
Southern Region Supervisor
Agricultural Education

Building 2, Room 203
Telephone 909-869-4496
Fax: 909-869-4196

Regional Supervisors of Agricultural Education provide the following services on a regional basis to local school districts with agriculture education programs in their high schools:

  • Local Educational Agency Technical Assistance: Provide teachers, counselors, principals, superintendents, and others technical assistance as needed to maintain and strengthen local programs; responsible for local program reviews and evaluations; promote the initiation of new programs; supervise the administration and local use of state and federal funds; and assist in placement of qualified teachers.
  • Professional Development for Teachers:¬†Conduct workshops, seminars, and meetings to improve teacher performance; oversee regional and sectional in-service activities for teachers; assist programs/agencies providing professional development for teachers integrating agriculture in the curriculum; and assist teacher preparation programs in an effort to provide quality teachers.
  • Liaison with Related Groups and Industry: Maintain contact with business and industry groups in agriculture related fields; maintain liaison with post-secondary institutions and other agencies providing agricultural education; and participate in California Department of Education staff meetings and cooperate with other units and divisions.
  • Career Technical Student Organization:¬†Organize FFA activities within a geographical region and statewide; and promote leadership development for all students.
  • Program Administration: Collect and process applications and reports regarding vocational agriculture incentive grant, program and student enrollment data, utilize computer network system to communicate with local educational agencies; participate in staff meetings, serve on staff committees, and participate in other region and/or state committees and task forces as assigned.
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A group photo of the FFA team

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Events held on campus:

  • August
    Section FFA Officer Leadership Summit
  • December
    Southern Region High School Agriculture Teachers In-service
  • February
    Southern Region FFA Officer Screening
    Southern Region Proficiency Award Selection
    State Proficiency Scoring
  • March
    Southern Region FFA Speech Contests Finals
    Southern Region Parliamentary Procedure Contest Finals
  • April
    Southern Region CATA Spring Region Meeting
    Southern Region FFA spring Region Meeting
    Pomona/Mt. Sac Field Day