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Statistics Requirement for all College of Agriculture MS Students

All MS students are required to take AG 510 (Design and Analysis of Experimental Research) and AG 520 (Empirical Research Methods Using Regression Analysis).   As a substitute for these courses students may choose any two-course combination from the following to satisfy this requirement:

  • STA 599 - Special Topics for Graduate Students
    *** Offered this Winter!

    ``Instructor: Jungwon Mun
    Offered: Winter 2011 Mo 2pm - 3:50pm
    Topics Include: Introduction to SAS. Teach basic procedures to manipulate data and perform simple analysis using essential statistical coding. Learn to handle/print the outcome: data procedure, print procedure (proc print), sort procedure (proc sort), tabulating procedure (proc table), summary procedure (proc mean), test/analysis procedure (proc ttest, proc anova, proc reg).
  • AG 510: Design and Analysis of Experimental Research I: Methods for ANOVA (3 units)
  • AG 520: Empirical Research Methods Using Regression Analysis (3 units)
  • Biol 575: Advanced Topics in Biology: Introduction to Multivariate Analysis (4 units)
    Instructor: Dr. David Moriarty
    Prerequisites: BIO 211 (or with permission)
    Topics include: Introduction to SAS, multiple regression, logistic regression, polynomial regression, principal components analysis, discriminant analysis, canonical correlations analysis, correspondence analysis, cluster analysis
  • Biol 575: Biological Applications of ANOVA  (4 units)
    Instructor: Dr. David Moriarty
    Prerequisites: BIO 211 (or with permission)
    Topics include: Unbalanced designs, incomplete designs (Latin squared, nested, repeated-measures, split-plot), MANOVA, and mixed models.
    Particularly in the mixed models area, Dr. Moriarty is increasingly spending more time on likelihood (non-OLS) approaches.
  • KIN 590: Research Methods  (3 units)
    Instructor: Dr. Tom Spalding
    Prerequisites: none
    Topics include: Quantitative experimental research; historical origins of the scientific method; philosophy of science.
  • KIN 591: Research Design (3 units)
    Instructor: Dr. Tom Spalding
    Prerequisites: KIN 590 (or with permission)
    Topics include: correlation, regression, multiple regression, t-tests, ANOVA,  related topics
  • STA 533 – Linear Statistical Models I (4 units)
    Introduction to general linear models, distribution of quadratic forms, Gauss-Markov theorem, estimation and testing of general linear hypothesis.  SAS will be used. 
  • STA 534- Linear Statistical Models II (4 units)
    Fixed and random components models, balanced and unbalanced cases, analysis of covariance, components of variance.  SAS will be used. 
  • STA 534 – Advanced Experimental Designs (4 units)
    Incomplete block designs, fractional factorial designs, multifactor experiments with randomization restrictions, response surface methods and designs.  SAS will be used.