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About This Club

Ag Ambassadors are a chartered organization with the University and as such, elect an officer team; participate in the College of Agriculture's student government, Ag Council; and conduct fundraising activities.

Students wishing to be an Ag Ambassador must go through a selection process.  Applications are accepted in January each year.  Applicants then participate in a selection workshop and an individual interview during the month of February.   Ag Ambassadors are announced in March and training begins in spring quarter.  Ag Ambassadors serve a one year term beginning with summer quarter and continuing through the following spring quarter.

2014 - 2015 Officers & More

President: Clara Cisneros
Vice President: Vannesa Junqueira
Secretary: Jaime Araujo Jr
Treasurer: Wesley Leung
Publicity: Alexis Camberos
Ag Council Rep: Laura Castorena
Ag Council Rep: Jennifer Reilly
Social Chair: Luke Lightbody
Social Chair: Kelsey Swayze
Historian: Cesar Diaz
Advisor: Rhonda Ostrowski
Club Email:
Club website:
Meeting date/time/location: Tuesdays/12-1pm/2-201
Club majors: All College of Ag majors
Number of members: 11
Club Events & Activities: Outreach and recruitment activities
Annual Trips/Travel: Retreat and Ag Ambassador conferences
General Information: Outreach recruitment club
History of Club: Established in 1993
Club Goals: Inform students about college and Cal Poly Pomona
Mission: To promote the College of Agriculture and have fun!

Meet Our Ag Ambassadors

Jaime Araujo Jr. Jaime Araujo Jr.

Major : Foods and Nutrition

Year in School : Fourth

Age : 21

College Activities : FN Forum and Ag Ambassadors

Hobbies : Exercising, hiking, and searching for new music to listen to

Hometown : Fontana, CA

Transfered from : Riverside City College

Work : Sales Associate at Route 66 Automotive Detail Shop

Career Plans : To become a Registered Dietitian. As a RD, I plan to promote better living by providing nutritional education to people in need.

Favorite Cal Poly Pomona Experience : I have to say that my favorite Cal Poly experience was my very first fall quarter. Joining all sorts of clubs and meeting new people in the process in a new academic environment was a thrill.

On being an Ag Ambassador : As an Ag Ambassador I hope to be an influential role model to prospective students of Cal Poly Pomona's College of Agriculture. I want to help others reach their academic goals by providing them the proper guidance/information and by showing them that a higher education is not out of reach. I hope to share with them the great opportunities Cal Poly has to offer and why we are proud to call ourselves Broncos!

Alexis Camberos Alexis Camberos

Major : Plant Science

Year in School : Third

Age : 19

College Activities : Los Rancheros Agronomy Club, Los Robles Horticulture Club, Foal Watch Program and Ag Ambassadors

Hobbies : Playing with my beautiful Siberian Husky- William

Hometown : Rancho Cucamonga, CA

High School : Alta Loma High School

Work : CPP Hydroponic Grower

Career Plans : Own and operate my own farm

Favorite Cal Poly Pomona Experience : Becoming involved in the College of Agriculture

On being an Ag Ambassador : I can’t wait to help incoming freshmen get involved in our College of Agriculture!

Laura Castorena Laura Castorena

Major : Foods and Nutrition

Year in School : Fifth

Age : 22

College Activities : FN Forum, Equestrian Drill Team, Foal Watch, and Ag Ambassadors

Hobbies : Horseback riding, hiking with friends, hanging out with my family and my pets, going to new places with my boyfriend, and photography

Hometown : Long Beach, CA

High School : Woodrow Wilson Classical High School

Work : Feed Crew live-in member at the W. K. Kellogg Arabian Horse Center

Career plans : When I graduate I hope to get into graduate school to obtain my master’s degree in Public Health to become a Health and Wellness Manager. I want to be involved in disease prevention.

Favorite Cal Poly Pomona Experience : My favorite experience here at Cal Poly Pomona was when I got to witness the horse I took care of in the Foal Watch Program give birth. Not many people can say they have had the experience of watching a foal birth. I was able to go in afterwards and help dry off the new baby. Seeing the foal and mare bond is truly an experience of a life time.

On being an Ag Ambassador : As an Ag Ambassador I hope that I can leave a lasting impression on at least one person about the great opportunities Cal Poly Pomona and the College Of Agriculture have to offer. Helping incoming students is truly an honor because as the first member of my family to attend college, I know how confusing and hard it is to settle into college life for both parents and students. I hope that as an Ag Ambassador I can make the road to college an easier transition for all.

Clara Cisneros Clara Cisneros

Major : Animal Science

Year in School : Fourth

Age : 21

College Activities : Orientation Leader, Welcome Week Leader (Summer 2012), and Ag Ambassadors

Hobbies : Working out and eating healthy, cooking, shopping, hanging out with friends and family, playing with my dogs, doing my nails, messing around with different makeup ideas, and watching my favorite shows

Hometown : Santa Clarita, CA

High School : Canyon High School

Work : Full-time student and when I go back home I help out at my Dad's veterinary clinic. I do plan to get a job at a veterinary clinic out here in Pomona or get a temporary job at the gym here on campus.

Career plans : Become a licensed veterinarian and either open up my own practice or take over my dad's and expand it.

Favorite Cal Poly Pomona Experience : I'd have to say my very own freshman orientation in the summer of 2011. I loved being in a completely new environment and being able to meet a lot of new people.

On being an Ag Ambassador : I hope that I am able to help guide future students in the right direction, especially when it comes to furthering their education. My goal is to educate students on all that Cal Poly Pomona has to offer. Since I am a returning Ag Ambassador, I also hope to help and inspire our new members on becoming the best possible leaders they can be. This leadership position is very important to me because I love being able to inspire and help people in any way possible.

Cesar Diaz Cesar Diaz

Major : Animal Science

Year in School : Second

Age : 18

College Activities : Cal Poly Pomona Livestock Show Team, Foal Watch, and Ag Ambassadors

Hobbies : Some of my favorite things to do: draw (watercolor, oil paints, pastels), go horseback riding, watch movies, go to the zoo, visit museums, going hiking and running, attending art galleries/exhibits, going bowling, traveling, and going to the mall

Hometown : Mission Hills, CA

High School : John F. Kennedy High School

Work : Full-time student

Career Plans : I plan on graduating from Cal Poly Pomona in four years and then transfer to veterinary school somewhere in the country. After vet school I want to work in an emergency animal hospital or open up my own mixed animal clinic.

Favorite Cal Poly Pomona Experience : One of my most favorite experiences at Cal Poly was seeing newly hatched ducklings following their mom into the duck pond for the first time. They were so small and cute. Overall, I always have a great time hanging out with friends on and off campus. College goes by quicker than you think, so anytime I get to enjoy doing something fun is time well spent to me.

On being an Ag Ambassador : I’m excited about starting this new chapter in my college career as an Ag Ambassador. I want to make a difference with the incoming freshmen as they start school in a new environment. I want to show them there is more to the College of Ag than what everyone may think. The stereotypic view of agriculture is strictly tractors and farming but in reality, agriculture is a much more diverse field. It’s filled with amazing people that are happy and love what they do. Plus there’s never a dull moment and that’s why I love it here.

Vannesa Junqueira Vannesa Junqueira

Major : Food Science and Technology, Minoring in Culinology

Year in School : Fifth

Age : 21

College Activities : Food Science Society, the National Society of Leadership & Success, and Ag Ambassadors.

Hobbies : Reading, drawing, soccer, watching animated movies, going to theme parks, traveling, spending time with family and friends, cooking, catnaps, spontaneous adventures, hiking, going to museums/art galleries, long walks, karaoke, bowling, going to the beach, and listening to all sorts of music.

Hometown : West Covina, CA

High School : Walnut High School

Work : Full-time student

Career Plans : To graduate with my BS in FST and minor in Culinology. Hopefully after graduation I can travel to Colombia to do an internship as well as go to school to learn Spanish. Once back in the states I plan to work in product development for the food industry but I’m also open to other positions such as QA, sensory, and management. Eventually I’d like to go to culinary school to get a Certified Chefs Diploma and if I can travel while working then I’ll be the happiest person alive! Also, I've always wanted to try out interior design (completely different from food science but another one of my passions).

Favorite Cal Poly Pomona Experience : My favorite CPP experience would probably be living in the dorms my freshman year. Living on campus was the best way to meet new people and create your first lasting college friendships. It gave me more freedom as a young adult as well as more responsibility. I learned a lot about what it means to be all grown up and had a ton of fun at the same time.

On being an Ag Ambassador : As an Ag Ambassador I hope to make a positive lasting impression on the many people that I will meet. I also want to become a good role model to the prospective students that I will be interacting with. It is important that these prospective students know that they have options and Cal Poly Pomona is one of them. My first time as an Ag Ambassador was an amazing experience and I know my second year will be just as great if not better!

Wesley Leung Wesley Leung

Major : Animal Science

Year in School : Second

Age : 19

College Activities : Pre-Vet Club Member and Ag Ambassadors

Hobbies : Hanging out with friends, video games, and visiting new places

Hometown : San Leandro, CA

High School : Chinese Christian High School

Work : Full time student

Career Plans : My goal is to graduate from Cal Poly in four years and to become a licensed veterinarian. Hopefully I can open up my own small private clinic.

Favorite Cal Poly Pomona Experience : My favorite experiences here at Cal Poly Pomona were all the AVS classes that I got to take. I learned so much from these classes and the labs that go with them. I have gained so many experiences that I will utilize in my future career. We actually get to work with live animals on campus! These labs really showcase Cal Poly Pomona’s ‘polytechnic’ approach.

On being an Ag Ambassador : I hope as an AG Ambassador I get to show prospective students all that our College of Agriculture has to offer. I want to share some experiences that I had in my first year here. Through that, I hope I can encourage these students to pick a career path that best suits them. But most importantly, I hope to share how hardworking and passionate the students in the College of Agriculture are and who they will be a part of if they choose to join us.

Luke Lightbody Luke Lightbody

Major : Animal Science

Year in School : Third

Age : 20

College Activities : Sigma Nu Fraternity, Foal Watch, Pre-Vet Club, Greek Council, and Ag Ambassadors

Hobbies : Sports, football, track & field, exercising, hiking, and pretty much anything involving outdoors and animals

Hometown : San Diego, CA

High School : Bonita Vista High School

Work : CPP Educational Opportunity Program Tutor

Career Plans : My goal is to graduate from Vet School and open up a small private animal clinic in my hometown as well as research and promote education.

Favorite Cal Poly Pomona Experience : My favorite experience here at Cal Poly Pomona was accepting my bid for Sigma Nu Fraternity at the Old Stables. The excitement and the anxious moment where we all first realized that this is the beginning of the rest of our lives was more than I could ever ask for here.

On being an Ag Ambassador : Coming into my second year as an Ag Ambassador, I have been able to see how much this organization has to offer! Everything from job opportunities to meeting amazing people, being an Ag Ambassador has prepared me for the professional world ahead. It has also given me even more confidence in my ability to succeed in whatever I put my mind and heart into.

Jennifer Reilly Jennifer Reilly

Major : Animal Science

Year in School : Second

Age : 19

College Activities : Ag Ambassadors, Pre-Vet club, and Foal Watch at the Kellogg Arabian Horse Center

Hobbies : I enjoy doing anything outdoors. I love to horseback ride, run and play sports, spend time with my family and friends, and read when I have the chance.

Hometown : Lakewood, CA

High School : Lakewood High School

Work : Full-time student

Career Plans : I plan on getting a PhD in genetics or regenerative medicine right after completing my undergraduate degree. I also plan on graduating from Vet School. I would love to do research and work in a big game reserve/zoo.

Favorite Cal Poly Pomona Experience : My favorite experience at Cal Poly would have to be my freshman year during Welcome Week. We played games and explored the entire campus. I loved meeting so many different people and getting acquainted with my new school.

On being an Ag Ambassador : I look forward to helping new incomers feel comfortable and confident in navigating around our lovely campus. I can’t wait to inspire and encourage potential in all the new students that I meet. It’s going to be an awesome year!

Kelsey Swayze Kelsey Swayze

Major : Agricultural Science

Year in School : Fourth

Age : 21

College Activities : CFFA Club, Relay for Life, and Ag Ambassadors

Hobbies : I love working with animals and children. When I’m back in my hometown I volunteer at the local humane society in their education department. My other hobbies include going camping and listening to country music.

Hometown : Escondido, CA

Transfered from : Palomar College

Work : Full-time student and student assistant at the sheep unit on campus

Career Plans : I would like to teach high school agriculture.

Favorite Cal Poly Pomona Experience : My favorite Cal Poly Pomona experience was taking the AGS 250 course. This class is in charge of facilitating the competitions during the Pomona FFA Field Day. During this course you learn how to run your competition and at the end of the quarter the class holds the actual field day. It was a great learning experience and a lot of fun!

On being an Ag Ambassador : My hope as an Ag Ambassador is to help future student see all the opportunities Cal Poly Pomona and the College of Agriculture have to offer. Regardless of your major, there are limitless opportunities and new experiences to take advantage of.

Selection Process

Ag Ambassador Application Packet 2014-2015 (pdf)

All applicants will be required to complete an Ag Ambassador application and two evaluations, with at least one from a Cal Poly Pomona faculty or staff member. All applications will be screened and qualified candidates will be required to participate in a selection workshop and complete an interview.

Selection criteria will include the following:

  • evidence of good academic standing and satisfactory progress in the student's major
  • excellent oral communication skills and the ability to transmit factual information about the College with enthusiasm and sincerity
  • active involvement in extracurricular activities.

Ag Ambassadors will be selected to be representative of the programs within the College of Agriculture and to reflect diversity in gender, age, ethnicity, and national origin. There is no set minimum or maximum number of Ag Ambassadors that will be selected.

The application and selection process takes place during Winter Quarter of each academic year, with training in Spring Quarter, and activities commencing Summer Quarter.

Students who have previously served as an Ag Ambassador are eligible to re-apply. Both undergraduate and graduate students are eligible to apply.  

Note: You must have Adobe Reader to open and view all PDF files with full functionality. To download Adobe Reader, visit


By accepting an Ag Ambassador position, a student agrees to fulfill the following responsibilities:

  • attend weekly Ag Ambassador meetings, Tuesdays at noon
  • be available one morning per week each quarter for recruitment activities
  • participate in a minimum of 5 recruitment activities each quarter
  • participate in the Ag Ambassador class during spring quarter, Fridays 3:00-5:00 p.m.
  • participate in the Ag Ambassador retreat
  • work a minimum of one shift at the annual Pumpkin Festival
  • wear the appropriate attire during all official Ag Ambassador activities
  • exhibit appropriate behavior consistent with that of a representative of the College of Agriculture and the University during all official Ag Ambassador activities


Ag Ambassadors will receive:

  • two units of credit for the spring quarter training course
  • quarterly scholarship, depending on funding
  • priority registration
  • a shirt to be worn at designated events
  • use of the Ag Embassy
  • opportunities to travel
  • reimbursement of expenses incurred as a result of recruitment activities, such as overnight lodging, meals, and mileage

Program Coordinator

For more information, contact:

Rhonda Ostrowski
Recruitment and Retention Coordinator
College of Agriculture
(909) 869-3718