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Help & Training

ATI provides several alternatives for helping and supporting faculty and staff achieve accessibility: In-office accessibility support and assessments (ATI-FITS), hands-on workshops, and one-on-one consulting with Studio 6 Instructional Designers.


"How to Promote Accessibility" Power Point- Experts in disability media images, disability marketing, media strategies and disability awareness showcase samples of disability-related leadership, disability etiquette tips and information about the disability community.


ATI – FITS is a program available to faculty who want personalized one-on-one support with enhancing the accessibility of their instructional materials.  This program provides one-on-one training and/or support in creating accessible instructional materials (web sites, Word documents, Power Point presentations, Excel spreadsheet, and PDF documents), as well as an accessibility review of existing materials. 

To take advantage of the ATI-FITS program, contact Carol Heins-Gonzales at (909) 979-6457.


When you call, be prepared to:

  • Briefly describe your accessibility support needs and provide a list of a few days and times when you are available to meet. 
  • Provide electronic copies of materials that you want assessed prior to your appointment. 

Within 24 hours, you will be contacted to formalize your personal appointment time.  During your appointment, an ATI student assistant will review the results of any accessibility assessments as well as provide training and support in improving accessibility. 

CIS 466 Project Teams

We often work with CIS 466 project teams to assist with defined projects such as website evaluations and assessments.  We are currently looking for a team to assist with the design and deplopyment of HiSoftware Compliance Sherrif

Studio 6

Studio 6 provides one-on-one assistance anytime with web page development, scanning, uploading/downloading files, digital video capturing and editing, graphics preparation, accessible documents or eLearning tools.

CIS 466 Project Teams

CIS 466 Project Teams have often helped us with defined projects including website assessments.  We are currently looking for a project team to help with our HiSoftware Compliance Sherrif

Accessibility Workshops

Group training and workshops are available for creating accessible materials.  The workshop schedule is available at:

You can register for the Accessibility Workshops at the I&IT Learning Workshop registration web site at:

For questions about the ATI-FITS program, ATI workshops or ATI, you may call Carol Heins-Gonzales (carolhg) at 909-979-6457.