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Student Learning Outcomes

University Learning Outcomes

Program Learning Outcomes

College of Agriculture

BS Agricultural Science

BS Animal Health Science

BS Animal Science

BS Apparel Merchandising and Management

BS Food Marketing & Agribusiness Management

BS Food Science & Technology

BS Foods and Nutrition

BS Plant Science

MS Agriculture

College of Business Administration

BS Business Administration CORE

MS Business Administration

MS Accountancy



College of Education & Integrative Studies

BA Gender, Ethnicity and Multicultural Studies

BA Liberal Studies

Interdisciplinary General Education (not a degree program)

MA Education

EdD Educational Administration & Leadership Educational Technology Leadership (joint doctoral program)

Education Specialist I & II Credential

Multiple Subject Credential

Single Subject Credential

College of Engineering

BS Aerospace Engineering

BS Chemical Engineering

BS Civil Engineering

BS Computer Engineering

BS Electronics and Computer Engineering Technology

BS Construction Engineering Technology

BS Electrical Engineering

BS Engineering Technology

BS Industrial Engineering

BS Manufacturing Engineering

BS Mechanical Engineering

MS Electrical Engineering

MS Engineering


MS Engineering Management

MS Civil Engineering

MS Mechanical Engineering

College of Environmental Design

B.Arch Architecture

BA Fine Art

BA Art History

BFA Graphic Design

BS Landscape Architecture

BS Urban and Regional Planning

M.Arch Architecture

MLA Landscape Architecture

MS Regenerative Studies

MURP Urban and Regional Planning

College of Letters, Arts and Social Sciences

BS Anthropology

BS Communications

BS Economics

BA English

BS Geography

BA History

BA Music

BA Philosophy

BA Political Science

BA Psychology

BS Social Sciences

BA Sociology

BA Spanish

BA Theatre

MS Economics

MA English


MA History

MS Kinesiology

Masters of Public Administration

MS Psychology

College of Science

BS Biology

BS Biotechnology

BS Chemistry

BS Computer Science

BS Environmental Biology

BS Geology

BS Integrated Earth Studies

BS Kinesiology

BS Mathematics

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BS Physics

MS Biological Sciences

MS Chemistry

MS Computer Science

MS Kinesiology

MS Mathematics

Collins College of Hospitality & Management

BS Hospitality Management