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EAP Coordinator

Faculty Coordinator for EAP

Faculty Coordinator Position Announcement (PDF) | (doc)

A reassigned-time position for a Cal Poly Pomona faculty member

EAP is a program in which 11th grade students are tested to determine whether they meet CSU entrance requirements in English and mathematics. For those who do not meet standards, a 12th grade experience is recommended. This program was proposed by the CSU Chancellor's Office and has been designed by faculty members and administrators from around the CSU. John Edlund, our Writing Center Director, has been a leader in working with CSU faculty and California Department of Education representatives to design a 12th grade experience in English. Claudia Pinter-Lucke represented our campus in the development of a CSU Math Success website. EAP is an exciting program with the potential to enhance the preparedness of our entering students. The campus has an EAP Steering Committee, and an EAP website.

Brief statements of interest are due to Dr. Debra Brum, Associate Provost, no later than Thursday, November 4, at 5:00 p.m. Interviews will take place early in the week of November 8, with a decision to be made by November 15.

An application consists of:

  • A Statement of interest of 1-2 pages in length that describe the candidate's interests and experience related to the responsibilities of the coordinator position.
  • Information as to the applicant’s availability for interview on November 8-10

E-mail submissions (to are preferred. Please feel free to contact Debra Brum by email with any questions. You'll find names of the Steering Committee on the website and you can contact any of them as well.

The faculty EAP Coordinator will be provided full release from teaching (12 WTU/quarter) for each of winter and spring 2005. The coordinator will be supported by faculty in Mathematics and English & Foreign Languages (with reassigned time as appropriate) and by staff in the Office of Admissions and Outreach (25-50% time).

Responsibilities of the Coordinator position:

  • Provide overall leadership and coordination for the EAP Program
  • Serve as a resource to university staff and faculty, district personnel, parents and community leaders
  • Meet with district and high school administrators to ensure that they have a clear understanding of the goals, policies, and procedures related to EAP
  • Work with Admissions and Outreach to develop informational materials
  • Design and facilitate programs for high school, community college, and university personnel
  • Coordinate the efforts of the Mathematics and English & Foreign Languages (EFL) departments and the Office of Admissions and Outreach
  • Coordinate with regional subject matter projects and professional development programs to avoid duplication and conflict. Help to promote programs that further the goals of EAP
  • Communicate with other interested parties on campus including Enrollment Services, Test Center, and Institutional Research, Assessment, and Planning (IRAP).
  • Work with IRAP to track students and prepare campus and CSU system reports
  • Monitor Program budget

Skills Needed:

  • Ability to work with a wide range of personnel, including Chancellor’s Office officials, University administrators, faculty, staff, and representatives from public K-12 schools
  • Ability to present ideas and concepts in written and presentation format
  • Ability to use consultative and facilitation skills to handle potentially sensitive situations and gain consensus
  • Ability to work independently
    Note: Due to the interaction with Mathematics and EFL faculty, it is not necessary for the faculty coordinator to have in-depth knowledge of the K-12 curriculum, or test contents.


Admissions/Outreach Support

  • Train and update CPP outreach staff to educate and inform prospective students regarding EAP
  • Develop and maintain contact information for service area schools
  • Create and distribute effective materials to promote all facets of the EAP program
  • Create local website and contribute to Chancellor’s Office website
  • Coordinate the receipt of test scores with admission process
  • Include and maintain currency of EAP information in admission material for prospective students and admission applicants
  • Work with the faculty coordinator to organize and facilitate meetings between high school, community college, and university personnel
  • Provide support for an internal communication plan for the campus community
  • Maintain close liaison role with Faculty Coordinator in the coordination of activities of EAP and Admissions/Outreach

Department Support

  • Assist high schools to identify options for the senior year that will increase college readiness
  • Review high school senior activities to ensure that the standards are aligned with CSU placement standards
  • Explore pre-matriculation opportunities for non-exempt students